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how to hide the emperors child


The tale that is ” How to Hide the Child of the Emperor” is an enthralling tale of deceit, intrigue and love’s power. This is a tale that has been retold and told for many centuries and is still captivating us to this day.

This story starts with a gorgeous concubine who has the birth of the heir to the emperor’s crown. The emperor, however, is aging and frail as well as his condition is deteriorating quickly. If the details of his heir be revealed, it could cause a power struggle between the nobles, and threaten to cause chaos to the empire.

The concubine is aware that she has to protect her son at every cost. She seeks out the assistance of her most trusted servants and they come up with an ingenuous strategy. The child will be raised secretly in a remote village away from the attention of the courts.

The child grew up in the shadows and is taught how to become resourceful shrewd and clever. He teaches himself to blend into and disappear. He learns to move without sound, and to speak without leaving a trace.

The years pass and the health of the Emperor is deteriorating. The nobles are agitated in their desire to take the throne. However, the concubine’s scheme will be in effect.

The emperor at night invites the concubine to his side. He informs her that the emperor is dying and gives her one last responsibility to ensure that their son is secure and to inform him that he’s the emperor.

The concubine pledges that she will fulfill the imperial’s ultimate wish. She escapes the palace with her son in the darkness and then they go to a remote village, where he’s been kept.

The boy develops to become a shrewd and caring young man. He never forgets his real identity and is never afraid of one day returning to the throne.

This intriguing journey takes you into the world of deceit as well as cunning and the art of hiding secrets that can change the direction the course of an empire. Join us on a journey that flies through mystery and intrigue, every turn of the page delving into the mysteries of the past and their wisdom for the future.


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