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How to Prepare for a Home Renovation

You’ve decided to remodel your home. You may need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. You might want to turn your attic space into a living area rather than just a place for storage.

It’s important to remember that, no matter what you decide to do, any remodel will disrupt your life for a while until the project is completed. If you are prepared, you can go through a renovation without too many inconveniences. Prepare for your remodel.

Tell Your Home Insurance Provider

Notifying your insurance company before you start a remodelling project is the most sensible thing to do. You may not be covered for a remodel, depending on your insurance provider and the type of coverage you have. You may need to hire an interim provider during the renovation.

Some providers will extend your coverage to include the remodel, which will protect your home in case anything goes wrong. Most providers will cover your remodel, but you’ll need to pay more now and after the remodel is complete.

Find an architect

It is best to consult an architect before you attempt any home remodelling. Architects are better at seeing the big picture than most people when it comes down to design. An architect can advise you on how to best use your space.

A professional architect can also help you to stay in line with other properties in the area. It is also a great help if you want to get approval for an extension or new construction on your property. Remember that your neighbours will have a voice.


After you and your architect have finished the design, you will need to find a builder you can trust. Ask family and friends to recommend a trustworthy builder who can do a good job on your remodel. Ask for proof of certifications and licensing.

If you and your contractor agree to the scope of work for the remodel, you should have the contract written down. Both parties must sign it. You should keep a copy of the contract for your own reference.

Check the Timeline

If you and your builder agree on a schedule, the remodelling of your home will be much more manageable. Knowing when the work will be completed can make it easier to cope with it. You should be able to get a timeline from your builder.

These timelines may not be perfect, but they can give you realistic expectations. Keep the lines of communication with your contractor open during the entire remodel. This will allow you to know when the materials are ordered, when the expected arrival is, and when the installation will take place.

Make the most of your storage.

Before you start a renovation, it’s a good idea to clean up your house. You can put some of your items in storage. It is helpful for a number of reasons.

It gives the construction team the room they need to do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible. It also protects your valuable belongings from harm. Even though builders take all precautions, accidents do happen. Your belongings can be damaged.

It’s also a great way to begin again once you have finished the project. Nothing beats designing on a blank canvas.

Plan your future.

There are many factors to consider when you decide to remodel your home. Will you live at home during the renovation or somewhere else? You need to plan your living arrangements if you are staying at home.

If you are remodelling your kitchen, for example, you might be without appliances such as a refrigerator and cooker. How will you cook your meals? You’ll need to consider how you can get privacy if there are builders in the area for several hours each day.


You’d be surprised how far dust will travel. It’s not necessary that your entire home is untouched when you remodel one part of it. Sealing up rooms that won’t be used during the remodel is a good idea.

Close the doors of rooms and block them with towels, draught stoppers or other draught-blocking materials. You won’t need to clean these rooms after the remodel.


Tell your neighbours about your renovations if they don’t know already. Tell them about the project, the start date, and the expected completion date. You shouldn’t encounter any issues if you have friendly neighbours.

There will be times, however, when neighbours complain. It’s important to involve them and let them know what they can expect.

Welcome Your Builders

The quality of your building team can make the difference between a remodel that is done perfectly and one that is done poorly. The job will go more smoothly if they have all they need at the right time. Included in this are tea and coffee.

Prepare some old mugs, a kettle and other items for your builders to use when they arrive. Remove anything that you don’t wish your builders to use or damage.


Your home is about to undergo major changes. If you don’t have anything to reflect on, it’s easy for you to forget how much has changed. Take lots of photos of your house as it is today to help you remember your accomplishments.

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