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Why is your home always cold – and what can you do about it?

You will understand how frustrating it can be if you always feel like your house is cold. It may seem like your home is never as comfortable as it could be. At times, it may even feel that nothing you do will work. You need not worry if this is you. This guide will tell you how to change your life today.

New filter

It’s a simple fix, but it is important. This could affect the efficiency of your heating system if you need to replace your filter. It could be the thermostat if your filter isn’t the problem. You can find out by having your heating system checked. You should perform a routine check to ensure that your heating system is operating at its best. It could cause problems in the future if it is not working properly.

New Boiler

If you need to replace your boiler, that would be more of a problem. You may have problems with your heat pump, furnace or boiler. You may find that the unit is too small for your house. If this is the situation, you will need to replace it if you wish to see improvements. If this is the situation, you may qualify for a grant.


Over time, your home’s insulation may become less effective. You may have pockets in your home that are also not properly insulated. You need to fix this as soon as you can. This can lead to heat escaping and increase your energy bills. If you are concerned that this may be the case, you should have your home inspected.

Old Windows

If you have old windows, they can cause significant heat loss. You can do something to stop this by inspecting all your Windows and determining if they are single-glazed or double-glazed. You will find the source of heat loss if you only have one type. If this is the situation, you should hire a professional to help you with your home.

Air Leaks

Another huge problem. If you ignore air leaks, you could be losing a lot of heat. You can find air leaks in your attic or foundation and even in plumbing fixtures. You should air-seal your home if it hasn’t been done. It is likely the cause of your house being cold. Act now to get this problem sorted.


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