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The 7 Best Chocolate Brands In The World

The chocolate brands they offer are symbols of the highest quality. With only the finest ingredients and gold-wrapped packaging, the chocolates from these brands are an unforgettable treat for yourself or a gift to family members.

Patchi Chocolate, hailing from Lebanon, is well-known for its delicious chocolates that are made using top quality and natural components, such as sugar-free varieties.

Lindt & Sprungli

Chocolate is a cult favourite and is loved by a vast majority of people around the world, providing luxury, comfort and a sense of celebration. The chocolate industry has numerous renowned brands with distinguished stories – some of which have been featured in historical books!

Lindt and Sprungli is one of the most loved chocolate brands, renowned for its delicious truffles and created in-house creations that delight chocolate lovers all over the world. Lindt & Sprungli products can be purchased in a variety of sizes to suit different tastes for chocolate lovers of all types.

Lindt Chocolate Company has long been admired for its creativity and knowledge of chocolate production. Its founder, Rodolphe Lindt, transformed the business by creating liquid chocolate.

Lindt & Sprungli take great steps towards sustainability in the supply chain. Through its Lindt & Farming Program, the company is committed to sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers. It was founded 177 years ago and is currently running 11 production facilities around the world; Lindt & Sprungli chocolate can be found all over the globe!


Godiva chocolate has been synonymous with quality and elegance. Their chocolate comes in many shapes and sizes. However, Godiva is most well-known for its chocolate truffles in boxes. Furthermore, Godiva also produces bars of chocolate and Ice cream.

Godiva was first established through Belgian chocolatier Joseph Draps in 1926 and has since expanded to include more than 80 countries across the world. At present, Godiva stands as one of the top chocolate brands. The logo depicts an appropriately dressed woman riding a horse as a tribute to its founder, Lady Godiva.

Godiva offers more than just chocolate and sweet liqueurs! Drink them by themselves or mix them into cocktails. The delicious creations are available in flavours like vanilla, and Madagascar vanilla, for your enjoyment.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher chocolates have been loved by people around the world for a long time due to their elegant packaging and top quality. They produce more than 4.8 billion tiny chocolates in the shape of a sphere annually and sell in over 140 countries across five continents each year. Pietro Ferrero founded the company and created his Gianduja recipe following his return to Eastern Africa during wartime service in order to make up for the problems with cocoa that developed as a consequence.

Chocolates are an irresistible treat for any occasion and make an excellent choice for gifts for the holidays, according to the experts at Talking Retail. Gold-wrapped chocolates often show up in Advent Calendars as well as other gift boxes for the holidays.

Milka is a different Swiss chocolate manufacturer known for its unique chocolate bars. The company’s violet cow has become their symbol, as all of their products use only top-quality ingredients. Additionally, they offer drinks, ice cream, and other goods.


This brand has earned international recognition due to the high-quality ingredients they use and unique chocolate confections that they develop using their innovative manufacturing techniques. Additionally, their vast confectionary collection includes hazelnut-based pralines that are now a global hit.

Tain-l’Hermitage Chocolaterie France has been renowned for a long time for its high-quality and flexible chocolatiers, that are famous chocolatiers and patisserie chefs all over the world.

Valrhona specialises in premium cocoa beans, sourced from over 15 countries and subject to rigorous inspection and quality tests to ensure their high quality and taste. They employ a variety of processing methods in the production of their chocolate. Their chocolate bars made from a single origin are a favourite among chefs. They’re also available as truffles, bars and even ice cream desserts!


This company manufactures a range of chocolate products, which includes their famous caramel squares. In addition, they make baking mixes as well as hot cocoa, making it an excellent choice for those with diet restrictions.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was established in 1852 and is still one of the most storied chocolate producers in America at present. Their story is fascinating and heartwarming, creating lasting connections with their customers from all generations.

Teuscher Chocolate Company of Switzerland is a well-known producer of confectionery of the highest quality. Their truffles are champagne-infused, and they also make chocolate bars, pralines as well as chocolate-covered nuts.

Lindt & Sprungli produces several varieties of chocolates that are readily available throughout the world. Made from top-quality ingredients and beautifully packaged, the products are available in traditional to exotic flavours and have gained a massive following throughout Asia. Although it is owned through Lindt & Sprungli, the Good Shopping Guide does not acknowledge it to be a company that uses ethical sources for cocoa beans.


Teuscher offers a variety of chocolate-based products, ranging from chocolate bars and truffles to chocolate-coated nuts. The company’s handcrafted Swiss traditional products are made with only the finest ingredients, earning Teuscher recognition worldwide as a leading chocolatier.

Dolf Teuscher established his business in Switzerland and quickly gained a reputation for delicious chocolates as well as truffles. With stores around the globe and ingredients that are sourced from local producers to make the products it makes, Dolf Teuscher Chocolates remains dedicated to ethical sourcing practices and sustainable practices while making its delicious treats.

Toblerone also makes Nutella hazelnut spread, which was created as a result of the shortage of cocoa during World War II. In addition, Toblerone produces numerous food products, including dairy and ice cream, all of which are owned by Mars, the world’s biggest food company.


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