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Travel Guide: How to Spend Two Days in Montenegro.

I was immediately in love with Montenegro during my trip this summer. Like Dubrovnik, I’d been aching to visit for a long time, and when I finally got my flights booked, I had high expectations. It turned out that I was not disappointed, and I’m currently contemplating a return.

We rented a car from Dubrovnik to take us on a trip and drove to Montenegro (a short drive of 90 minutes) to spend the weekend. We were amazed by the fantastic food, breathtaking views, and hospitality of the locals, and we would have loved to stay for longer. Still, Montenegro can be done in only a weekend, and two days will give you a taste of this beautiful country.

Are you eager to learn more about our two-day excursion to Montenegro? Let’s go!

With only two days to explore all Montenegro offers, I’m pretty proud of the things we accomplished and am eager to share with you where to visit and our favorite restaurants!

Where can you stay where to stay in Montenegro?

We booked a room in the Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay and had a bad experience. We wouldn’t recommend it. Aftab’s friends moved into Hotel La Roche. Hotel La Roche, though, and I absolutely loved the hotel! Therefore, I don’t suggest staying at the Hyatt Regency Kortor Bay. Instead, you should stay in the Hotel La Roche or reserve a room in Nikki Beach, which even has house speedboats to assist you in getting around the bay!

The best activities you can do while in Montenegro

There’s plenty to do and see in Montenegro. It’s simply the most beautiful country, with many stunning viewpoints and beautiful spots.

  1. Perast

Perast was one of my top spots in Montenegro. It’s the most beautiful town, and Aftab and I couldn’t stop taking photos. I have hundreds of Perast! We made a stop in Perast as we traveled to Dubrovnik towards our accommodation on the opposite part of Kotor Bay, and I would have liked to spend more time there. I could have taken the short boat ride that takes you to Our Lady of the Rocks. It’s definitely something I’ll take next time!

Walking around this gorgeous village was like a dream. The old fishing boats bobbled between the waves as the sun shone across the ocean, which was surrounded by beautiful, massive mountains. I was compelled to take a moment to pinch myself. We ate a delicious gelato at Moritz Eis and then gazed at the breathtaking Heritage Grand Perast Montenegro, wishing we could have stayed there (and we wanted to go there more, considering the problems in our hotel!)

The best tip is to park at the highest car park in the lower car park and then stroll down. The parking lot is reasonably priced and has a free shuttle for golf carts if you don’t wish to walk.

  1. Kotor Old Town

Kotor Old Town itself is adorable and worth a visit while in Montenegro! It’s a popular destination because it’s the home of hundreds of feral cats that are cared for with love by the people from Kotor (there’s even an animal museum in the area). When we went, we saw numerous adorable kittens! One did not want to leave my bag, so I picked him up to snuggle him. I sat him down in my hair. I couldn’t bear it.

In addition to the cats, the maze of cobblestoned streets of Kotor is truly beautiful. The architecture is remarkably similar to Dubrovnik, with the amazing limestone. It is a thrilling experience trying to navigate to the hidden small streets and alleyways. Go to the cathedral and churches in Kotor, and then go up to The Hotel Hippocampus rooftop for a refreshing drink while overlooking the town!

The most well-known option for visiting Kotor Old Town is to hike up to the fortress. I went on this hike wearing a dress and Birkenstocks, and I’d definitely suggest wearing more appropriate clothing. I kept falling onto the shiny, smooth stones, and it was so hot that I was sweating. It’s not an easy walk, especially since it’s a long distance away, but it’s worth it! The view from the top is among the most stunning views I’ve seen at any point in my lifetime!

A top tip is to make sure that you have cash to pay for entry into the hike. Also, wear shoes that are suitable for the terrain (trainers as well as walking footwear)! There are also no bathrooms; therefore, you must go there prior to the hike.

  1. Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a super trendy part of the country. It is home to huge yachts, designer shops, and a variety of exquisite bars and restaurants. We loved dressing in a nice outfit, exploring the marina, selecting our top boats, and having two of Aftab’s best friends for a glamorous dinner.

We started by drinking drinks in Forza, which we really enjoyed, and we wished we’d stayed longer for dinner as well. We walked down the road to the restaurant ‘One’ for dinner, but we didn’t think it was very great. The place of One was not as beautiful as Forza!

  1. Nikki Beach, Tivat

The pool at our hotel wasn’t available for us during our time due to issues with their system, and the hotel’s payment for us to visit Nikki Beach at Tivat for the day to use the pool there, and we had a great time! You must reserve a day pass prior to arriving. However, it’s gorgeous and has a variety of pools, sunbeds, and DJs that you can choose from. The pools look out over the bay and are simply stunning.

Alongside the DJ, there was a saxophone performer. However, the venue was completely empty! It’s significantly busy during the peak of summer. However, we were there in the middle of June, which was shoulder season. We had a wonderful experience, though. My only issue concerns the fact that service was not excellent and the staff was rather snobby and unfriendly. However, I believe it’s worth going to – an option to take into consideration.

  1. Budva

I am so disappointed that we haven’t been to Budva because it is gorgeous and I’ve heard many positive things about the beaches and town there! I’m asking you to promise me that you’ll visit and then let me know about it. It’s a must! This is on my list to visit the next time I’m in Montenegro. However, we didn’t make it this time as it was raining in the morning when we planned to visit, so we departed Montenegro sooner than we planned and headed to Trebinje, Bosnia.

Montenegro Restaurants – Where to Eat & Drink

Montenegro is a lot less expensive than Dubrovnik in terms of drinks and food, so your money will go a long way here.

  1. Verige 65

Verige 65 was my favorite eatery in Montenegro. The setting was stunning, and it was situated on top of a hill with views of the ocean and mountains. The food was fantastic! We ate a variety of meals, and all were simply delicious.

  1. Stari Mlini

We ate in the restaurant Stari Mlini on our last night in Montenegro, and it was a little of an unplanned visit. We had reserved a table at a different establishment, but when we showed up for our reservation, we discovered that they were closed! We were shocked that they let us reserve a table even though the restaurant was closed, and our charming taxi driver assured us that he would transfer us to another location to cover the gap.

He took our group of Stari Mlini, and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner there!

The gorgeous restaurant is situated in an old mill, amongst plants and trees, and has a river that runs along the side. The food was delicious and definitely compensated for our poor experiences at the previous restaurant! Make sure to bring mosquito repellent!!

  1. Forza Porto

Forza was the place where we enjoyed cocktails at Porto Montenegro, but I really wish we had eaten there, too. It’s quite expensive, but they have Hugo’s Spritz’s, which were amazingly delicious and definitely worth the cost. It’s also located right in the water, meaning you have the most stunning views of the marina as well as the water.

  1. Hotel Hippocampus Rooftop

We found Hotel Hippocampus in a haphazard manner and discovered a truly amazing place! Take a refreshing iced tea or a drink on the stunning roof terrace with views of the mountains and the town of Kotor. The place was very tranquil when we visited and is hidden away on the side of a street.

  1. Moritz Eis

Moritz Eis isn’t only available to Montenegro. It’s true that they have some locations throughout Europe. This was, however, hands down the most delicious gelato. The mint and lemon sorbet were incredible and refreshing!

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Montenegro

What is the language spoken in Montenegro?

The language spoken in Montenegro is Serbian.

Is Montenegro expensive?

Montenegro is quite a bit less expensive than Dubrovnik! We noticed the differences between these two cities.

What do you think of the currency Montenegro employs?

Montenegro is a member of the Euro. Cash is accepted because many places, including taxis, do not accept credit card payments (and Uber is not possible to use).

An Adriatic Gem

Montenegro is an Adriatic treasure that is perfect for an extended weekend of exploration. It has great food and is also of good value. It’s more affordable than Dubrovnik, and while I enjoyed Dubrovnik, I believe I prefer Montenegro. It’s simply breathtaking, and the driving experience as you make it through the water just beside the mountains is simply breathtaking. I was amazed. Plan an excursion to Montenegro, and you


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